Google Developer Podcast Episode Four: Mark Limber on Google SketchUp

JUN 22, 2007
By Dion Almaer, Google Developer Programs

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We have published the fourth episode of the Google Developer Podcast, which features an interview on Google SketchUp and how developers can interact with that world.

Interview with Mark Limber on Google SketchUp

What will you learn from this interview?
To learn more about SketchUp, visit the forum, and request an SDK.


In our news segment we covered:

The Google Gears community response has been great to see. This article discusses several applications and libraries that already work with Gears.

Google Mashup Editor: How to use multiple pages in your mashup

Blogger in Draft has been released for early adopters. This allows you to play with the upcoming Blogger features before they are announced in full. The first feature is video upload, and more are coming.

Tying into the SketchUp interview we discussed the new ability to use animated models in Google Earth.

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