Google Code Search, with more freshness and features

APR 02, 2009
From the day we launched, the most popular request we've gotten has been to crawl code more regularly and to update our our index more frequently. Today we're happy to announce that Google Code search will automatically crawl and index version controlled repositories (unless requested otherwise by code repository owners) at least once a week. To help you know when a search result was last indexed, the search results crawled within the last week will have a last crawled date to give you an idea of how fresh the results are.

In addition, we have improved how we display search results. As an extension to our 'Outline' mode, certain search results will now have a snippet that displays the structure of a class, instead of the regular code snippet. Search results from different versions of the same package are now grouped and indented based on versions of that package. For example, search for package:classpath JFrame.

And, in case you missed it, we added LOLCODE support in time for April 1st.

We hope you try out these new features. Once you do, please let us know what you think.

By Dmitry Barashev & Ali Pasha, Google Code Search Team