Google Code: Now in seven languages (plus English!)

APR 20, 2009
Last April, we started providing translations of pages in five languages: Simplified Chinese (中文[简体]) , Japanese (日本語) , Portuguese (Português) , Russian (Pусский) , and Spanish (Español). You didn't think we were done, did you?

Today, we're happy to add Korean (한국어) and Traditional Chinese (中文[繁體]) to that list. We've translated the site directory and top-level site pages, and from now on, you'll find those languages in the drop-down language selector at the top of the page header on

For Korean, you can now find full developer guide translations for OpenSocial API, Gadgets API, Themes API, and Adwords API. We have some API guides coming soon in Traditional Chinese, but unfortunately you'll have to guess which ones while we finish putting the final touches on those translations. If you're interested in hearing about new translations in these languages, you might want to subscribe to the APAC Developer Blog for updates as we add more content.

Good code is a universal language, spoken by developers all over the world. We don't think you should have to read English to build a great app.

By Naomi Bilodeau, Google Code Team