Google Cloud Platform enhances Compute Engine, App Engine and Cloud Datastore

AUG 07, 2013
Author Picture By Greg DeMichillie, Google Cloud Platform team

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Today’s updates to Google Cloud Platform bring lots of new enhancements complementing features we first shared at I/O. Check out the latest additions: Load balancing now available on Google Compute Engine
We’ve now added layer 3 load balancing to Compute Engine, which delivers Google-scale throughput and fault tolerance to manage Internet applications. Load balancing is critical in any highly scalable system, allowing you to automatically and intelligently route traffic across a collection of servers.

With the load balancing service, you can: This initial release provides Layer 3 support and we’ll continue to expand its capabilities on a regular basis. We’re pleased to offer the load balancing feature at no cost through the end of 2013, after which we’ll charge the rates outlined on our pricing page.

Improved developer experience for Google Cloud Datastore
Cloud development tools should enhance developer productivity, and that’s what we focused on with the latest update to Cloud Datastore.

Google Query Language (GQL) Support
Being able to search for data lies at the heart of all data-driven applications, and we’ve made that easier by adding GQL support — a SQL-like language for retrieving entities or keys from Cloud Datastore.

Metadata queries
You can now access Metadata Queries that allow you to retrieve statistics on their underlying data. This is useful when building your internal administration consoles, performing custom analysis or simply debugging an application.

Local SDK improvements
Part of providing great developer experiences is allowing developers to make changes in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. That’s why we’ve made numerous enhancements to the command line tool. Separately, we’ve also included support for those of you who use Microsoft Windows.

Getting started with Ruby
If there is one thing that developers are passionate about (us included) it’s languages. The initial release of Cloud Datastore included code snippets and samples for getting up and running with Java, Python and Node. With the latest release, we’ve included the same Cloud Datastore support for Ruby developers — allowing you to easily spin up Ruby applications that rely on a managed NoSQL datastore.

Updates to the PHP runtime in Google App Engine 1.8.3
We’ve been listening to feedback from early developers using the PHP runtime, so our latest App Engine release is dedicated to PHP. But there are still a few new goodies for those of you not using PHP, which you can find in the release notes.

Our integration with Google Cloud Storage for reading and writing files has proven to be popular, so we expanded this in 1.8.3. Our latest update includes: We’ve also improved support for task queues, including the ability to set headers on push tasks and to add tasks to queues efficiently in bulk using the new PushTask:addTasks() method.

We hope you enjoy the new Cloud Platform features!

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