Google Chrome Extensions launched in beta!

DEC 08, 2009
Today, we launched Google Chrome's extensions system in the beta channel for Windows and Linux (Mac is in progress). We've also opened up our brand new gallery, which contains more than 300 extensions!

We aspired to create an extensions system that is easy to use, stable, more secure and that wouldn't slow down Google Chrome. We're really happy to release a beta that begins to deliver on our initial vision. If you want to learn more about Google Chrome extensions, you can start by reading our docs and joining our mailing list. You can also check out the videos below:

You can also meet us in person - let us know if you want to join us in a small get together tomorrow on our campus in Mountain View (or via VC in New York and Kirkland). Space is limited - we'd love to see many of you there so RSVP early and we'll email you more information if you are selected to attend. You can also meet the team at Add-on Con, where we will participate in a couple of panels.

Finally for those of you who are far away, we are planning some online developer tutorial sessions. If you are interested in attending, please fill in this form.

By Erik Kay and Aaron Boodman, Google Chrome Software Engineers