Google APIs at I/O 2010

JUN 07, 2010
Which three letters could you hear proudly proclaimed again and again throughout the sessions of Google I/O 2010? ...that’s right, A-P-I! Google APIs form the foundation of many of our developer products, and across the board, APIs made a significant impact at Google I/O.

This year, I/O saw the launch of a number of new APIs -- including the read-write Google Buzz API, the Google Font API, version two of the Google Feed API (with push!), the Google BigQuery API, the Google Latitude API, the Google Moderator API, and the Google Prediction API. Additionally, many of the sessions this year focused on how to better use existing Google APIs like the Google Analytics APIs and the YouTube APIs. And of course, we discussed many great topics during Office Hours and Fireside Chats, and after each session -- a big thank you to everyone who attended!

If you missed any of this excitement, today we’re pleased to announce that the following videos for the official Google API track are now available:We hope that you enjoy watching (or re-watching) these sessions as much as we enjoyed preparing and presenting them. Videos and slides for all of the individual presentations can be found on the pages linked above, but if you’d prefer to embark on an API-watching marathon, you should check out our YouTube playlist and watch away.

As always, it’s exciting to see the great and powerful products that you’re building with Google’s suite of APIs. We look forward to coding and innovating with you over the next year, and can’t wait to see you at I/O 2011!

By Zach Maier, Google API Infrastructure Team