Generating Google Slides from Images using Apps Script

SEP 27, 2017

Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, G Suite

Today, we announced a collection of exciting new features in Google Slides—among these is support for Google Apps Script. Now you can use Apps Script for Slides to programmatically create and modify Slides, plus customize menus, dialog boxes and sidebars in the user interface.

Programming presentations with Apps Script

Presentations have come a long way—from casting hand shadows over fires in caves to advances in lighting technology (magic lanterns) to, eventually, (in)famous 35mm slide shows of your Uncle Bob's endless summer vacation. More recently, we have presentation software—like Slides—and developers have been able to write applications to create or update them. This is made even easier with the new Apps Script support for Google Slides. In the latest G Suite Dev Show episode, we demo this new service, walking you through a short example that automatically creates a slideshow from a collection of images.

To keep things simple, the chosen images are already available online, accessible by URL. For each image, a new (blank) slide is added then the image is inserted. The key to this script are two lines of JavaScript (given an existing presentation and a link to each image):

 var slide =
      var image = slide.insertImage(link);

The first line of code adds a new slide while the other inserts an image on the new slide. Both lines are repeated for each image in the collection. While this initial, rudimentary solution works, the slide presentation created doesn't exactly fit the bill. It turns out that adding a few more lines make the application much more useful. See the video for all the details.

Getting started

To get started, check the documentation to learn more about Apps Scripts for Slides, or check out the Translate and Progress Bar sample Add-ons. If you want to dig deeper into the code sample from our video, take a look at the corresponding tutorial. And, if you love watching videos, check out our Apps Script video library or other G Suite Dev Show episodes. If you wish to build applications with Google Slides outside of the Apps Script environment and want to use your own development tools, you can do so with the Slides (REST) API—check out its documentation and video library.

With all these options, we look forward to seeing the applications you build with Google Slides!