Fun new ways developers are experimenting with voice interaction

NOV 08, 2017
Posted by Amit Pitaru, Creative Lab

Voice interaction has the potential to simplify the way we use technology. And with Dialogflow, Actions on Google, and Speech Synthesis API, it's becoming easier for any developer to create voice-based experiences. That's why we've created Voice Experiments, a site to showcase how developers are exploring voice interaction in all kinds of exciting new ways.

The site includes a few experiments that show how voice interaction can be used to explore music, gaming, storytelling, and more. MixLab makes it easier for anyone to create music, using simple voice commands. Mystery Animal puts a new spin on a classic game. And Story Speaker lets you create interactive, spoken stories by just writing in a Google Doc – no coding required.

You can try the experiments through the Google Assistant on your phone and on voice-activated speakers like the Google Home. Or you can try them on the web using a browser like Chrome.

It's still early days for voice interaction, and we're excited to see what you will make. Visit to play with the experiments or submit your own.