Fridaygram: world wonders, fruit freshness, stunning sky

JUN 01, 2012
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By Scott Knaster, Google Developers Blog Editor

If you write code, you’re stuck at your desk or laptop for long hours at a time. There’s no substitute for getting out into the world, but when you just can’t travel, you can use our new World Wonders Project to virtually visit amazing sites around the world. World Wonders has used really cool tricycles equipped with Street View cameras to film Stonehenge, the Trulli of Alberbello, the Ogasawara Islands, Shark Bay, Český Krumlov, and many more places. And when you visit, you don’t even get jet lag.

Cesky Krumlov page in World Wonders

When you do leave your home or office, you might go to the market occasionally for fresh fruit and vegetables. Your fresh food experience might improve thanks to new sensors made at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These sensors can figure out when fruits and veggies are getting too ripe. The sensors work by detecting ethylene, a gas that helps plants ripen.

Finally, when you’re not at the market or virtually visiting world heritage sites, take a look at this photo of lightning over a rainbow during a storm in China. You can relax and check it out while you’re munching on your fresh fruit and veggies.

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