Fridaygram: flu season, 40 year old engines, evenings with tech influencers

FEB 01, 2013
Author Picture By Ashleigh Rentz, Google Developers Blog Editor Emerita

It’s hard to overlook: flu season is upon us with a vengeance this winter, particularly in the United States and Japan. Once again,’s Flu Trends tabulates the numbers that paint the map deep red and puts the historical data at your fingertips to prove that yes, this is worse than you remember it being last year. Take care of your health, drink lots of fluids, and consider taking a holiday to the southern hemisphere for some sweet summer days if you aren’t sick... The Australian waterfront is a beautiful shade of light green on the flu map.

If Australia isn’t far enough away from the germs and viruses (does anyone still use “virii” for the plural?), how about an excursion into near-earth orbit or beyond? Although NASA isn’t doing any human spaceflights at present, the agency is planning for the future by taking a second look at the past. Engineers of a new generation are test-firing a 40 year old engine built for the Saturn V rockets used during the Apollo missions. It’s part of the early planning for future heavy-lift rockets.

We hope you’re feeling well, but if you’re sick at home this weekend, spend some time recuperating in front of the TV with the Computer History Museum channel on YouTube. Our down-the-street neighbours often invite Silicon Valley luminaries to speak about their work and their lives. Among them, our own Eric Schmidt was there last November to tell a few stories of Google’s early days and give some insight into where the web is taking us. Get well soon!

Each week, Fridaygram nurses you back to health with a dose of data and fun for your weekend enjoyment. Fridaygram is not a doctor, please consult actual medical professionals if you are ill. Ashleigh is our blog’s Editor Emerita and fills in when Scott takes some well-deserved time off. (No, he’s not out sick today.)