Fridaygram: email journey, humans and robots, special space launch

MAY 18, 2012
Author PhotoBy Scott Knaster, Google Developers Blog Editor

This week we launched Story of Send, a new site that shows you what happens to your email after you click (or tap) Send. The site is meant for everyone, so you can share it with your [insert favorite non-nerdy reference person here].

story of send screen shot

Even though Story of Send is designed for all viewers, there are great features inside for us nerds. These appear not just in the text and animation, but also in the form of photos and videos. In particular, take a look at the video At the data center, which you’ll find on the Safe and Secure page, for a rare look inside a Google data center.

We’re used to great technology in our computers and mobile devices. More rarely, we get to see amazing tech that truly transforms lives. Thanks to research in robotics and neuroscience, two paralyzed people have controlled a robotic arm with their thoughts via a tiny injected sensor. One participant used the robot arm to grab a bottle and bring it to her so she could drink from it. This woman has been paralyzed for 15 years. After the successful experiment, one of the researchers was quoted as saying "She had a smile on her face that I and the research team will never forget".

Finally, space fans might want to make time this weekend to watch the May 19 launch of the private SpaceX Dragon spacecraft from Cape Canaveral on its way to the International Space Station. Depending on where you are on the planet, the launch is scheduled for morning, afternoon, or evening on Saturday. Those of us here on the west coast of North America and in Hawaii can just plan to drink a lot of coffee and stay up late tonight.

Each week we publish Fridaygram, featuring stuff from Google and beyond that you might have missed during the week. Fridaygram items aren't necessarily related to developer topics; they’re just interesting to us nerds. This week we’re wondering if Zefram Cochrane would be interested in the SpaceX launch.