Fridaygram: Doodle competition, nasty prehistoric fleas, cupcake map

MAY 04, 2012
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By Scott Knaster, Google Developers Blog Editor

Everybody likes Google Doodles, those creative modifications of the Google logo that appear every so often on and other Google search homepages. To let budding artists try their hand at doodling, we’ve hosted various Doodle 4 Google competitions around the world. This year’s Doodle 4 Google was open to U. S. students enrolled in schools serving grades K-12.

This week we announced the 50 state finalists, divided by grade group, and they’re very creative. Take a look, but more than that, you can vote for your favorites, one per grade group. Voting is open until May 10th. And after you’ve looked at this year’s student entries, you can spend time reliving old favorites on our Doodles archive site.

Now travel back in time to an age even before there were Google Doodles, when huge dinosaurs roamed the Earth. According to fossils found by Chinese scientists, these enormous beasts were bothered by Pseudopulex jurassicus and Pseudopulex magnus, giant insects 10 times the size of modern fleas that crawled on dinosaurs and packed a painful bite. So it turns out that being a dinosaur wasn’t all fun and games.

Finally, don’t you love it when two great things get mashed up together? Here’s an awesome example: a map of the world, made out of cupcakes. Enjoy!

Each week we publish Fridaygram, a post with cool Google and non-Google stuff you might have missed during the week. Fridaygram items aren’t necessarily related to developer topics; they’re just interesting to us nerds. Hat tip to Andres Ferrate and Mike Pegg for the link to the cupcake map. By the way, happy Star Wars Day, and May the 4th be with you.