Fridaygram: cultural works, meteorite found, homeward trek

OCT 18, 2013
Author PhotoBy +Scott Knaster, Google Developers Blog Editor

The Google Cultural Institute just keeps expanding, making more treasures available to anyone with a Web browser. This time they’ve added more than 5000 new works mainly from the worlds of clothing, fashion and design.
You can see royal jewels from France and Italy, amazing body art and dress from African ceremonies, and even a wax portrait featuring Louis XIV. There’s more than clothing: visit museums in China and view children’s art from Norway. The Cultural Institute lets you get a world cultural tour and still have lunch at home.

In another shared online experience, many of us watched incredible videos of a meteorite crossing Russia last February. Now a very physical artifact of this event has been found. Divers in central Russia pulled a 570 kg piece of meteorite from Lake Chebarkul. According to Professor Sergey Zamozdra of Chelyabinsk State University, the piece is “most probably one of the top 10 biggest meteorite fragments ever found."

Finally, take a few minutes and check out this true story of humanity and technology. The tale starts with a lost boy on a train and takes some remarkable turns before reaching its conclusion.

Streaking across your browser like a meteorite every week, it’s Fridaygram! We bring you Google stuff, science things, and other fun you might have missed. Thanks to +Louis Gray for this week's meteorite tip.