Fridaygram: Blogger revamping, celestial redecorating, robots rambling

SEP 02, 2011

By Scott Knaster, Google Code Blog Editor

Blogger rolled out some nice new stuff this week. It’s different inside and out. As a heavy user of Blogger (you’re soaking in it!), I’m happy with anything that helps us make a better blog for you to read. If you have a Blogger blog of your own, here are a couple of the changes you’ll notice:
For more information on what’s new in Blogger, and to find out how to turn on the new features, see this Blogger Buzz post.

Adding features to software is hard enough. Bumping celestial bodies around is another matter entirely. Hexi Baoyin of Tsinghua University has suggested giving a gentle shove to an asteroid so that it ends up in Earth orbit. Why? For science!

Of course, technology of the future involves more than just potentially rearranging our solar system. For example, check out what happened when two chatbots had a conversation. Looks kind of like the pilot for a new TV show.

We love science, technology, fun, and Fridays. So most weeks we put all those things together and write Fridaygram, a post that’s not meant to be taken too seriously.