JUL 22, 2011

By Scott Knaster, Google Code Blog Editor

History is more fun when you can see it in pictures. Google and non-profit social company We Are What We Do have collaborated to create Historypin, a site that mashes up old photos with modern Street View images. So you can see old Times Square on top of today’s, or a photo of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration pinned to a current view of the U. S. Capitol.

Historypin is made up of user-contributed photos. So go there, contribute some, and make a little history of your own.

There’s really no way to introduce this one without just stating it: hey, how about a photo of a tool-using fish? It’s a tuskfish cracking open its food by bashing it against a rock, anvil-style. This might make you think twice the next time you eat crab.

Finally, as the U.S. Space Shuttle program comes to an end, take a look at this spectacular photograph of Shuttle Atlantis re-entering the atmosphere as seen from the International Space Station. Nice view.

Updated 4:24 PM PDT: corrected location of photo from White House to U. S. Capitol.

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