APR 15, 2011

This post is by Scott Knaster of Google Developer Relations. Scott works on technical docs at Google and is editor of this very blog. Scott is a fan of baseball and hockey, but finds it challenging when their seasons overlap.

It’s been a very light posting week here on the Google Code Blog. While our author community was focused on other work this week, I picked out a few items you might have missed.

If you use the URL shortener, you might be interested in new features that were added this week, including automatically selecting newly created short URLs so you can copy them more easily. If you create a lot of URLs, and you use Chrome, check out this handy Chrome extension that makes short URL creation extremely easy. Or, write your own code using our Google URL Shortener API.

Here’s one especially for my fellow writers. Google Docs now does pagination, which enables some related improvements too. This is useful when writing user’s guides, school papers, or other documents that might have to be printed. Just last week I was working on a doc and wishing for this feature, and now here it is, proving the old adage “Wishing makes it so”.

On a more serious note, it’s now been more than a month since a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Here’s an update on crisis response and relief efforts, and a way you can help simply by posting messages of support for the people of Japan.

Finally, I want to share the coolest hack I saw all week: a wedding invitation that includes a paper record and player. Beautiful!