Even more ways for developers to optimize with AdSense

MAY 19, 2010
Last year, we announced that developers can earn revenue by showing ads in two of our products, the GoogleBar for Local Searches on a Google Map and the Custom Search element for site-restricted and other curated searches. Today, we're happy to announce two new AdSense product updates to help monetize your website.

AdSense for search ads only
AdSense for search allows publishers to add Google search functionality to their site and monetize from search ads. The Custom Search element is a prime example. However, despite the power and flexibility of the element, you may want to show ads next to your own non-Google search results. With AdSense for search ads only, developers can now include AdSense for search ads on their pages, paired with their own homegrown search results.

AdSense for Ajax
The other side of AdSense is ads targeted to content on your site. In this case, developers turn to AdSense for content. But what if your content isn't crawlable by search engines or uses Ajax to dynamically update without a page refresh? Now you can deliver AdSense for content ads via AdSense for Ajax, which allows you to give hints about your uncrawlable content. Even better, it allows you to refresh the ads dynamically when there is a context change.

If your site is a good fit for either, or both, of these offerings, sign-up for AdSense for Ajax or AdSense for search ads only today! Learn more about them from the AdSense Blog post.

By Adam Feldman and Mike Brandell, AdSense Team