Enabling Cloud Portability with Google App Engine for Business and VMware

MAY 19, 2010
Today we announced Google App Engine for Business, with a host of new features to help enterprises run their business applications on Google’s infrastructure (read our blog post to learn more). We’re also excited to announce our work with VMware to connect our developer tools, making it possible to create rich, multi-device web applications that can be hosted in a variety of Java-compatible hosting environments. Call it cloud portability for the enterprise -- productively build apps that you can deploy onto Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment (your vSphere infrastructure, your choice of vCloud partners, or VMforce), or other infrastructure such as Amazon EC2.

As part of this announcement, we’re providing early access to these tools -- you can start using them right now by downloading the latest milestone version of VMware’s SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). If you prefer to wait for the general release, you can sign up to be notified.

Spring Roo
With Spring Roo, a next-generation rapid application development tool, Java developers can easily build full applications in minutes, using the Java Persistence API (JPA) to connect to new or existing databases. Roo outputs standard Java code, so it’s easy to refine the back end with the SpringSource Tool Suite and the front end with the Google Web Toolkit SDK, using Roo as much or as little as desired.

Google Web Toolkit SDK
New data presentation widgets in Google Web Toolkit speed development of traditional enterprise applications, increase performance and interactivity for enterprise users, and make it much easier to create engaging mobile apps with a fraction of the investment previously required.

SpringSource Tool Suite
Using the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite, developers can now choose to deploy their application in their current VMware vSphere environment, in VMware vCloud, directly to Google App Engine for Business, or elsewhere. We call this cloud portability.

Google Web Toolkit Speed Tracer
Speed Tracer now helps developers identify and fix performance problems not only in the client and network portions of their apps, but also on the server. By incorporating server-side time traces from both Spring Insight and Google App Engine AppStats, Speed Tracer provides a consolidated view of where sluggishness actually comes from -- be it client, network, or server -- so it’s much easier to see what to fix.

If you’re building business apps, we hope you’ll find these tools make it easier and more fun to get your job done. Maybe you’ll save time and money by developing and testing apps on App Engine, and then deploying to your VMware environment. Maybe you’ll run a second instance of your apps on App Engine for disaster recovery. Or, maybe you’ll take your existing on-premise apps and extend them to the web and to mobile devices in a fraction of the time it might have otherwise taken. The point is, whatever you decide, you can be confident that it’s possible, and that you’re not locked in.

We’re happy to be working with VMware to bring increased interoperability, portability and choice to enterprise developers. We invite you to download the latest milestone version of STS and try these tools for yourself.

By Bruce Johnson, Google Developer team