Enable fast pass development with Google Wallet demo mode

FEB 03, 2023

Posted by the Google Pay Developers team

What is demo mode?

We want to make it easier for you to develop and test Google Wallet passes so that you can create new, engaging experiences for your customers. Today, you can sign up in the Google Pay & Wallet Console and start using the Google Wallet API immediately in “demo mode.”

When you sign up for a Google Wallet Issuer account for the first time, your account will be in demo mode. Demo mode includes the same features and functionality as publishing mode. However, access to issue Google Wallet passes to users is restricted to any “test users” you add in the console. While in demo mode, any user who is not included in your list of test users will not be able to add a pass you create to their Google Wallet app. By default, all administrators and developers who have access to your Issuer account are already test users. The passes created by issuers in demo mode will contain the text “[TEST ONLY]” in the top of the pass until the issuer is approved to be in publishing mode.

While in demo mode, you can do any of the following:

When you are in the Google Pay & Wallet Console, you will see two different indicators that your Issuer account is in demo mode.

On the Dashboard page, the Google Wallet API integration card will include a Demo mode tag.
Google Wallet API integration card on the console dashboard
Figure 1 - The Google Wallet API integration card on the console dashboard

On the Google Wallet API page, on the Manage tab, you will see a larger notice stating “You’re in demo mode,” along with additional information and a link to learn more.
The demo mode notice on the Google Wallet API console page
Figure 2 - The demo mode notice on the Google Wallet API console page

How can developers use the Google Wallet API?

It’s simple! Just follow the below steps and you’ll have access to your issuer account in demo.

  1. Create a business in the Google Pay & Wallet Console
  2. Select Google Wallet API
  3. Select Build your first pass
  4. Agree to the Google Wallet API Terms of Service

Some additional steps differ depending on whether you use the Android SDK or Web API. Please refer to the Google Wallet Developer Documentation for these other steps. After you’ve completed the steps, you’ll be ready to create your own classes and issue passes to your test users.

How does demo mode affect new and existing accounts?

If you have an existing account and have requested publishing access by submitting a support request, no changes are required on your end. Your Issuer account is already in publishing mode and this will be reflected in the console.

For new accounts, this will depend on two factors:

No existing account

Existing account
(demo mode)
Existing account
(publishing mode)
ConsoleDemo mode

Demo modePublishing mode


Request fails*

Request fails*

Publishing mode

*Note - Issuer accounts in demo mode are unable to create additional accounts using the issuer.insert method.

How are test users managed?

To add and/or remove test users without granting them access to your Issuer account, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Google Pay & Wallet Console
  2. Select Google Wallet API
  3. In the Manage tab, select Set up test accounts
  4. Add each test user’s Google Account email address on a separate line
Select Update testers
The test accounts
Figure 3 - The test accounts window where you can add test users

How do developers go to publishing mode?

When you’re ready to go to start issuing passes to real users, you will need to complete the following before you are able to request publishing access:

Once complete, you can submit the publishing access request form. A Google contact will reach out to you requesting screenshots of the pass classes and objects you are creating to ensure they adhere to our brand guidelines and acceptable use policy. This can take up to two business days to process. You will be notified by email when your request is approved, and your Issuer account will be converted to publishing mode. The status of your pass classes will not change, and any pass classes that are in APPROVED state will be available for issuing pass objects to users.

Next steps

Try creating a Generic pass class and object by following the Web or Android codelabs! In these codelabs, you will have the option to create a new Issuer account and try out demo mode. Follow @GooglePayDevs on Twitter for future updates. If you have questions, tag @GooglePayDevs and include #AskGooglePayDevs in your tweets.