Download Google fonts to your desktop

MAY 01, 2013
Author PhotoBy Raziel Alvarez, Google Fonts Team

The goal of Google Fonts has always been to bring beautiful, open-source fonts to the web, fast and free of cost. Starting today, you can download these fonts for offline access on your desktop. We’ve made all of the fonts from the Google Fonts directory available in SkyFonts, a tool from Monotype that allows you to install and sync fonts from the web onto your Windows or Mac OS X devices.

SkyFonts automatically updates the fonts installed on your system whenever they are updated on Google Fonts – for example, when new characters are added – ensuring you always have the latest fonts to work with. And with the fonts installed locally, browsing websites that use web fonts will be faster, since your browser won’t have to spend time fetching font data. If you’d rather download the source files to edit the font data directly, you can always do so from the project at Google Code.

So whether you’re a designer looking to incorporate popular web fonts into your typography, or you just want to improve your browsing speed by by keeping local, synced copies of fonts, you can take advantage of SkyFonts.

Raziel Alvarez is a software engineer interested in making computing more useful, and usable, through engaging applications and more natural user interfaces. He is part of the Google Fonts Team, responsible for unleashing text by bringing typographical diversity to the Web.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor