​Documents List API: Upload any file type and more!

JAN 12, 2010
As just announced over on the Enterprise blog, Google Docs now allows users to upload any type of file! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be rolling out the same feature in the Documents List Data API. For now, uploading arbitrary files via the API will be restricted to Google Apps Premier domains. For starters, each user gets 1GB of storage with a maximum size of 250 MB per file.

Combined with the shared folders feature of Google Docs, we think this new feature is a great way to build collaborative applications for exchanging files with coworkers and external parties. No more email attachments!

In addition to arbitrary file upload, we’re launching several top features requested by developers:
Look for resumable upload support in the Java, Python, and Objective-C client libraries in the near future. As always, if you have any questions, please visit us in our new developer forum.

Issues resolved in this release: 72, 1040, 1675, 1260, 1741, 1127

By ​Eric Bidelman, Google Docs Team