Dev Library Letters: 15th Issue

DEC 05, 2022

Posted by Garima Mehra, Program Manager

Our monthly newsletter curates some of the best projects developed with Google tech that have been submitted to the Google Dev Library platform. We hope this brings you the inspiration you need for your next project!

Content of the month

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Google Cloud

Residential building parking lot project using Google Apps Script 

by Aryan Irani

Solve the common question, “who parked their car in my spot?” with this clever tutorial.

Designing a data schema 

by Mustapha Adekunle

Better understand what aspects come into consideration when designing a data schema.

Centralized audit logs in GCP in a secure environment with VPC Service Controls 

by Natalie Godec

Learn how to set up aggregated logging in an organization that has VPC Service Controls and find a Terraform module that lets you automate the setup for your own Google Cloud infrastructure.

Simplifying time series forecasting with Google Vertex AI AutoML Platform 

by Shiv Kumar Saxena

Explore how to generate accurate business forecasts at a large scale using state of the art ML capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform.


How to build compound components in Angular 

by Dany Paredes

Understand how to implement the Compound Component Pattern in Angular using Dependency Injection and Content Projection to create an excellent API for your components.


Design patterns and architecture: The Android Developer roadmap — Part 4 

by Jaewoong Eum

Check out the 2022 Android Developer Roadmap- a multi-part series covering important Android fundamentals like Languages, App Manifest, App Components, Android Jetpack, and more.

Geofencing:boost your digital campaign 

by Veronica Putri Anggraini

Read this fun application of geofencing to manage the dilemma of where to eat lunch based on which restaurant has the best deal.


Data structures with Dart: Set 

by Daria Orlova

Get over your fear of data structures and algorithms with this helpful and snappy how-to focused on the Set.

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