Cuzillion: Check your zillion web pages

APR 29, 2008
By Dion Almaer, Google Developer Programs

Steve Souders, member of the performance group at Google, has released a new open source tool called Cuzillion. Steve was constantly creating sample test web pages that he used to test out theories on Web site performance. He realized that he was repeating a lot of the same steps, so why not create a tool that would enable him to build the samples quickly. Thus, Cuzillion was born.

If you take a look at the UI above, you will see that it is mimicking a Web page, with a <HEAD> and <BODY>. On the left hand side you select types of elements; such as images, scripts, CSS, and other resources. You add these elements to the mini page on the right, and then you can select that element to set more properties on it. For example, you can quickly set the domain that it is running on, which allows you to test splitting our content on domains.

We sat down with Steve and produced the video below in two parts. It starts off with him discussing the project, and then delves into a screencast of the product itself. He gives us an introduction, and then shows how he used it to solve an issue with Orkut.