Check out the Custom Search API

JUN 12, 2008
By Kevin "Grendelzilla" Lim, Custom Search Team

Have you ever wished that you could harness the power of Google to create a customized search engine for your website or a collection of websites? Custom Search lets you do that in under five minutes—and that includes time for a tea break. Pretty sweet, eh? If you have more time, you could take the customization to the next level. You can select websites to include, ignore, or prioritize in your search engine. You can even tweak the ranking of your search results and change the look and feel of your results page, among other things.

If you are curious about how tricked-out custom search engines work, you don't have to look further than the Custom Search API page on Google Code. Go ahead, try out some search queries and be sure to visit the Custom Search Directory, which showcases some popular custom search engines. And close to home, we use a combination of the Custom Search API and the AJAX Search API to power search on Google Code.

To learn more about this API, see the developer guide and join us over in the discussion group.