Celebrating Earth Day with our inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change cohort

APR 22, 2021

Posted by Jason Scott, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, USA | Nick Zakrasek, Global Product Lead, Sustainability

GIF of Climate Change Class Announcement

Today, people across the world will celebrate and participate in Earth Day. In line with Google’s broader commitment to address climate change, we are proud to join in this celebration by announcing the first cohort for our Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program. The 10-week digital accelerator is designed to help North American sustainable technology startups take their businesses to the next level.

Meet the cohort of 11 companies, who are collectively leveraging technology and data to combat the challenge of climate change:

75F, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

75F is a vertically-integrated building intelligence company using smart sensors, controllers and software to make commercial buildings more efficient and comfortable.

BlocPower, Brooklyn, New York, USA

BlocPower is providing software and financial tools to analyze, finance, and manage the challenge of converting millions of urban buildings off of fossil fuels.

CarbiCrete, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CarbiCrete's concrete-making solution completely eliminates the need for cement, making it cheaper and stronger than traditional concrete, all through an overall carbon-negative process.

Enexor BioEnergy, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Enexor BioEnergy delivers renewable electricity and thermal using organic, biomass, and plastic feedstock, helping to mitigate climate change while addressing global waste overabundance challenges.

FARM-TRACE, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

FARM-TRACE is a software platform which delivers verified reforestation impacts created by farmers to brands wanting to reduce their climate footprints.

Fermata Energy, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Fermata Energy designs, supplies, and operates technology that turns electric vehicles into energy storage assets that combat climate change, increase resilience, and dramatically lower the cost of ownership.

Flair, San Francisco, California, USA

Flair makes buildings more comfortable using less energy while promoting energy efficiency, electrification, and smart grid integration.

Heatworks, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

Heatworks uses electronic controls and graphite electrodes to heat water instantly, endlessly, and precisely, without energy loss.

Wild Earth, Berkeley, California, USA

Wild Earth is a plant-based pet food company that harnesses biotech to create cruelty free products with less environmental impact.

Yard Stick PBC, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Yard Stick fights climate change by measuring soil carbon accurately, instantly, and affordably, providing the “missing link” to carbon sequestration on the gigaton per year scale.

Zauben, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Zauben is designing the world's smartest green products, like sensor-driven, IoT-connected green roofs and living walls, to create healthier and happier environments for humans and our planet.

The program kicks off on Monday, June 7th and will focus on product design, technical infrastructure, customer acquisition, and leadership development - granting our founders access to an expansive network of mentors, senior executives, and industry leaders.

We are incredibly excited to support this group of entrepreneurs over the next three months and beyond, connecting them with the best of our people, products, and programming to advance their companies and solutions.

Be sure to join us as we showcase their accomplishments on Thursday, August 12th from 12:30pm - 2:00pm EST at our Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change Demo Day.