BigQuery and Prediction API: Get more from your data with Google

MAY 19, 2010
To deliver our services, Google has had to develop sophisticated internal tools to process data more efficiently. We know that some of these tools could be useful to any developer, so we’ve been working to create external versions that we can share with the world.

We’re excited to introduce two new developer tools to get more from your data: BigQuery and Prediction API. These two tools can be used with your data stored on Google Storage for Developers.

BigQuery enables fast, interactive analysis over datasets containing trillions of records. Using SQL commands via a RESTful API, you can quickly explore and understand your massive historical data. BigQuery can help you analyze your network logs, identify seasonal sales trends, or find a needle in a haystack of big data.

Prediction API exposes Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms as a RESTful web service to make your apps more intelligent. The service helps you use historical data to make real-time decisions such as recommending products, assessing user sentiment from blogs and tweets, routing messages or assessing suspicious activities.

We are introducing BigQuery and Prediction API as a preview to a limited number of developers. There is no charge for using these services during the preview. To learn more and sign up for an invitation, please visit the BigQuery and Prediction API sites.

If you are in San Francisco for Google I/O, we look forward to meeting you. Please come to our session tomorrow to learn more.

Posted by Amit Agarwal and Jordan Breckenridge, BigQuery and Prediction API Teams