Announcing the Certification of Agencies as part of Google Developers Agency Program

JUN 07, 2016

Posted by Uttam Kumar Tripathi, Global Lead, Developer Agency Program

Back in December 2015, we had shared our initial plans to offer a unique program to software development agencies working on mobile apps.

The Agency Program is an effort by Google’s Developer Relations team to work closely with development agencies around the world and help them build high quality user experiences. It includes providing agencies with personalized training through local events and hangouts, dedicated content, priority support from product and developer relations teams, and early access to upcoming developer products.

Over the past few months, the program drew a lot of interest from hundreds of Agencies and we have since successfully launched this program in a number of countries including India, UK, Russia, Indonesia, USA and Canada.

Having worked with various agencies for several months, the Agency Program has now launched certification for those partners that have undergone the required training and have demonstrated excellence in building Android applications using our platforms. The Agency Program hopes that doing so would make it easier for clients who’re looking to hire an agency to make an informed decision while also pushing the entire development agency ecosystem to improve.

The list of our first set of certified agencies Agencies is available here.

We do plan to review and add more agencies to this list over the year and also expand the program to other countries.