An interview with Paul McDonald and Rich Burdon of the Google Mashup Editor Team

OCT 19, 2007
By Dion Almaer, Google Developer Programs

We had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the Google Mashup Editor team to discuss the product and how developers can use it to build mashups in short order.

We start out by discussing what the product actually is. The term "mashup" is a very overloaded term out there, so a mashup editor could do a number of things. What are the pieces? How does it compare to other tools like Yahoo! Pipes (complementary!)? What are the user and global feeds?

We then delve into practices for building your mashups, and discuss good examples that are out there. We finish up discussing areas that the team would like to delve into as the product evolves.

So, take some time to download the episode directly, or subscribe to the show (click here for iTunes one-click subscribe).

Thanks to Paul and Rich for taking the time to chat with us.