AdSense for Mobile Applications Beta

JUN 24, 2009
Are you developing free iPhone or Android applications? With our new beta product - AdSense for Mobile Applications, you can monetize your mobile applications by showing contextually targeted ads and/or placement targeted ads alongside your application content. We provide you with iPhone and Android SDKs and example applications that request and display AdSense ads. Our SDKs also support DoubleClick ads.

You can show 320x50 text and image ads linked to HTML webpages in your application. These ads are targeted to the keywords that you send us in the AdSense (or DoubleClick) ad request. The keywords must be relevant to your application content. If your application content is loaded from a webpage that is customized for iPhones and Android handsets, then you can also send us the webpage URL for us to target ads. The ads may also be placement targeted which means an advertiser can specifically target to your application.

Our iPhone SDK is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0, and our Android SDK is compatible with Android 1.5 SDK. The SDKs include a library that can be linked in to your application which exposes methods to fetch and show ads. You must place a maximum of one ad per screen at the top or bottom (see the screenshot from the Backgrounds iPhone application). When a user clicks on the ad in your application, you can choose whether the user should view the advertiser's website in iPhone Safari or a full-screen UIWebView on the iPhone. For Android applications, our API defaults to opening the advertiser's website in the native browser.

To get started with monetizing your iPhone or Android application, sign up today on the AdSense for Mobile Applications website. We can't wait to have you join our beta network!

By Jennifer Lin, Software Engineer, Google Mobile Team