Add backend logic to real-time data with Firebase and Google App Engine

NOV 13, 2015

Originally posted on Google Cloud Platform Blog

Posted by Benjamin Wulfe, Firebase

Firebase is a platform for building Android, iOS and web-based mobile apps, offering real-time data storage and automatic synchronization across devices. But what about when you need to run backend processes on the data? By connecting an App Engine application to your Firebase database, you can perform complex logic on the data without having to manage synchronization and updates; Firebase handles that for you. Updates in the Android client release of Firebase 2.4.0 make it easy to access a Firebase database from an App Engine application.
The tutorial, Use Firebase and Google App Engine in an Android App, walks you through the steps to create an Android app that stores a to-do list in Firebase, and uses backend logic running on App Engine to send daily reminder emails. In the process of working through the tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the following technologies: