40 new data points in Google Analytics API

JUL 09, 2013
By Srinivasan Kannan, Google Analytics API Team

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Over the past year we’ve added many new features to Google Analytics. Today we are releasing all of this data in the Core Reporting API.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

We're most excited about the ability to query for custom dimensions and metrics using the API.

Developers can use custom dimensions to send unique IDs into Google Analytics, and then use the core reporting API to retrieve these IDs along with other Google Analytics data.

For example, your content management system can pass a content ID as a custom dimension using the Google Analytics tracking code. Developers can then use the API to get a list of the most popular content by ID and display the list of most popular content on their website.

Mobile Dimensions and Metrics

We've added more mobile dimensions and metrics, including those found in the Mobile App Analytics reports:

Some examples of questions this new data can answer are:

Local Currency Metrics

If you are sending Google Analytics multiple currencies, you now have the ability to access the local currency of the transactions with this new data:

Time Dimensions

We added new time-based dimensions to simplify working with reporting data:

Sample queries:

Traffic Source Dimensions

Finally, we've added two new traffic source dimensions, including one to return the full URL of the referral.

Sample query: the top 10 referrers based on visits (using full referrer).

For a complete list of the new data, take a look at the Core Reporting API changelog.
For all the data definitions, check the Core Reporting API Dimensions and Metrics explorer.
As always, you can check out this new data directly within our Query Explorer tool.

Writen by Srinivasan Kannan, Google Analytics API Team

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor