Quota for Calendar API v3 now 10 times higher

December 03, 2014

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Posted by Lucia Fedorova, Tech Lead, Google Calendar API

At Google we like to make 10x rather than 10% improvements. In this spirit, we are increasing the default quota for the Calendar API v3 by a factor of ten, to 1 million requests per day. That means your application can support ten times as many users without any need to apply for more quota.

And if you need even more free quota, you can apply for it in the developer console under APIs -> Calendar API -> Quota -> “Apply for higher quota.” We have also streamlined the process of quota handling to make sure you receive your quota as quickly as possible.

A few tips to work efficiently with your quota:

  • Use push notifications instead of polling.
  • If you cannot avoid polling, make sure you only poll when necessary (for example poll very seldomly at night).
  • Use incremental synchronization with sync tokens for all collections instead of repeatedly retrieving all the entries.
  • Increase page size to retrieve more data at once by using the maxResults parameter.
  • Update events when they change, avoid re-creating all the events on every sync.
  • Use exponential backoff for error retries.