What to expect at I/O’14 - Design

June 20, 2014

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By Roman Nurik, Design Advocate

Google I/O 2014 is less than a week away, and we could not be more excited to show you what we have planned to help you create great experiences for your users.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing things to look out for both in-person and virtually that highlight design principles and techniques, the latest tools and implementations with which to develop, and developer-minded products and strategies to help distribute your app. First up, design!

As we shared in April, this year’s event will include content geared to designers and developers who are interested in design. These include:

SESSIONS: Designing for wearables || Wednesday, 4-5PM (Room 8): In this session, lead Google designers will discuss the process for Android Wear and Glass, and give tips for developers and designers working in this emerging space. By attending you’ll hear our take on new design approaches to wearable technology. This is just one of a number of sessions from Google user experience researchers and designers discussing our approach to cross-platform design, as well as opportunities to learn about testing and rapid prototyping. Filter by “Design, Sessions, Live Streaming” to find the design sessions we’ll be playing over the live stream.

WORKSHOPS: Design sprints with Google Ventures || Thursday, 11AM -1PM (Workshop 1): We’ll offer a full slate of interactive workshops ranging from designing for Glass to effectively using data in your design processes, including this workshop on design techniques that you can use to gather data about customers, get your team focused on the same challenges, quickly sketch new ideas, and turn those sketches into prototypes.

PANELS: Cross-platform design panel || Thursday, 1:15-2PM (Design Sandbox, Floor 2): This year, the sandbox will be alive with talks, panels and opportunities to meet directly with Googlers. During this panel, Google designers will share their thoughts on designing for multiple platforms, providing background information on how the design team creates consistent, intuitive and delightful experiences in a multi-platform world. There are many opportunities like this as well as for UX reviews and informal ‘Box talks in the Design Sandbox, offering you opportunities to connect with Googlers who share your passion for designing simple and engaging applications.

To see the full Google I/O schedule, visit google.com/io.

See you at I/O!

Roman Nurik is a Design Advocate at Google, helping designers and developers build amazing products on platforms like Android and the web.

Posted by Louis Gray, Googler