App Engine 1.7.4 released

December 13, 2012

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Author PhotoBy the Google App Engine Team

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The Google App Engine team has been busy putting together our final release of 2012. This release includes a number of features graduating from Experimental status as well as the usual batch of bug fixes and improvements. We’ll be taking a short break from our monthly release cycle over the holidays, but we’ll be back to our normal schedule starting in February.  

Expanded EU Support
We’re happy to announce that we are expanding European Union datacenter support, based on positive feedback from early users.  You can sign up here.  Please note, deployment is currently limited to billing-enabled applications.
We understand that data locality and latency are important to developers and are committed to further expanding this support in the coming months.

We've made a new Maven plugin available, added the source to the SDK for easier IDE debugging, and made significant performance improvements to the JSP compilation process.  Please see our Java release notes for more information.

We’ve made a big push to bring a number of new features to GA, upgraded the interpreter to version 2.7.3, and added several new experimental features.  For more details, please see our Python release notes.

New and Upgraded Features
We also have a handful of notable features in this release:

  • Task Queue statistics (General Availability): You can see statistics such as the current number of tasks in a queue, the number of tasks executed in the last hour, and more.
  • Traffic splitting (General Availability): You can split requests amongst different versions of your app.
  • LogsReader and Logs API (General Availability): You can now fetch requests based on a list of request IDs.
  • Expanded Datastore query support (Experimental): We’ve added ‘DISTINCT’ support to Datastore queries.

Full release notes and Google Cloud Platform newsletter
The complete list of features and a list of bug fixes for 1.7.4 can be found in our release notes. For App Engine coding questions and answers check us out on Stack Overflow, and for general discussion and feedback, find us on our Google Group.

Finally, to stay up to date with Google Cloud Platform, sign up for our newsletter where you’ll get the latest news, announcements and event information.

Written by the Google App Engine Team.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor