Fridaygram: Live, Tatooine, Sky Bikes

August 31, 2012

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Author Picture By Ashleigh Rentz, Google Developers Blog Editor Emerita

It’s been two months since we wrapped up Google I/O 2012, and there’s been no shortage of topics for Google’s developer advocates to discuss with the community afterward! Google Developers Live opens the door to two-way communication all year long by hosting online office hours sessions, but it also offers other viewing opportunities like interviews with community figures and tech-centric reviews of Android games. With over 100 new episodes recorded for posterity since I/O, chances are good that we’ve all missed something fascinating. Why not flip backward through the events calendar this weekend and see what’s been happening in our studios?

While our own cameras are focused on earthly developers, NASA has their sights on the skies. This week, astronomers discovered a new binary star system with multiple planets circling those stars. One of these planets with two suns is even within the habitable zone. It may not be in a galaxy far far away, but the similarities to Tatooine are still fun to speculate on.

Finally, this week’s addition of bicycle navigation to Google Maps for Android is welcome news to we pedal-powered commuters, but the stakes have been raised... A team at University of Maryland recently built a new human-powered helicopter, and videos of the test flights are now making the rounds on YouTube. It’ll be an awesome day when Google Maps helps me find my way to work pedaling one of those!

Each week, we bring you a Fridaygram full of interesting things that help keep your weekend geekarific. Ashleigh is our editor emerita who comes back to visit when Scott takes some time away from the office. This week, we join many others around the world in saying a somber farewell to Neil Armstrong, an inspiration to us all.