Tracking performance with HTTP Archive

June 15, 2011

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By Arvind Jain, Make the Web Faster Team

At Google, we put a lot of effort into making the web faster. To understand the impact of our work, we need to track the speed of the web over time. HTTP Archive allows us to do that.

HTTP Archive generates regular reports illustrating trends such as page size and Page Speed score of the top pages on the web. Interested users can download the raw dataset for free, modify the source code to perform their own analyses, and unearth valuable trends.

HTTP Archive crawls the world’s top 18,000 URLs, with a plan to increase that number to a million or more in the coming months.

Google engineers built HTTP Archive as an open source service. We are now transitioning the ownership and maintenance of it to the Internet Archive. Google is proud to support the continued development of HTTP Archive and to help create a rich repository of data that developers can use to conduct performance research.

Arvind Jain founded and leads the Make the Web Faster initiative at Google. As part of that initiative, Arvind also started the Instant Pages effort, just announced yesterday.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor