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March 31, 2011

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By Scott Knaster, Google Developer Relations
Scott standing in front of a door with 404 on it. It's funny.
Hello, esteemed Google Code Blog readers! My name is Scott Knaster, and I’m the new editor of this blog. I’m interrupting the usual flow of posts to let you know about some new things happening around here. This blog has the company’s name on it, but of course, like all blogs, it’s written by individual people, to be read by other individual people, like you. We want to do a little more to celebrate that, starting with these small steps:
  • We’re adding a photo and some info about each post’s author. Googlers get around, to hackathons, conferences, and GTUGs, and now you’ll have faces to match up with names when we meet in real life.
  • We’ll spend more time responding to comments. As always, we encourage and appreciate your thoughtful, on-topic comments.
  • We’ll be tweeting more at @googlecode over on Twitter, too. And you can find a list of Google developer-related Twitter accounts here (choose Developers from the Category drop-down).
  • I’ll be hanging around here a lot. Think of me as the host of a big, geeky dinner party. Mostly I’ll be helping edit posts written by others—experts who work on the products they post about—but I’ll also write a few posts myself.
I’ve been working with APIs and platforms for a long time, mostly by writing docs about how to use them. Platforms are full of promise, but they’re only interesting and worthwhile when people build on them.

Please email me at if you have any thoughts or feedback for improving this blog. Or, just leave a comment on this post.

Thanks for being here!