Google Developer Day 2010 Agenda: Android, Chrome & HTML5 and Cloud Platform

September 02, 2010

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We are now ready to share the Google Developer Day agendas for Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Munich, Moscow and Prague. We have so much technical content to share but alas, Developer Day is a one-day event. There may still be changes to the agenda, but here is a sneak peek at where we are.

Globally, we will feature three major tracks:
  • Android - With the continued momentum and growth of the platform, we would like to continue the conversation with you at Developer Day. We will feature sessions on Android performance, mobile user experience and best practices on building apps, and we will also deep dive on a new feature, Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM).

  • Chrome & HTML5 - We will discuss how to build an app for the Chrome Web Store and how to improve its development and performance. We’ll show which aspects of HTML5, Chrome Developer Tools and Native Client can be most useful to you. Finally, we will cover everything auth-related to show you when and where to use various authentication tools and how they integrate with our APIs and products.

  • Cloud Platform - Building off of our series of announcements at Google I/O, we will feature sessions on App Engine, App Engine for Business, Spring integration, Google Web Toolkit, Google Storage for Developers, BigQuery and Prediction API. Be prepared for code samples, how to optimize performance and a glimpse into what else is on our roadmap.
We are happy to announce that Eric Tholome, Product Management Director for Developer Products, will be a keynote speaker in Sao Paulo, Munich, Moscow and Prague. In addition, we are happy to invite as our second keynote speaker:
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil - Mario Queiroz, VP Product Management

  • Munich, Germany - Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Engineering Director

  • Moscow, Russia - Dr. Gene Sokolov, Head of Moscow Engineering
Due to the success of the Venture Capital sessions at Google I/O and the growing VC activity in our global markets, a new addition this year is Venture Capital panels at most of our Developer Days. Come hear from your local VCs on what they look for in startups.

The Sao Paulo and Moscow keynote presentations will have live translation, and for sessions, check the FAQ section of your Developer Day site. We will have savvy gurus available to answer your questions during Office Hours, and you will have a chance to meet Googlers and each other over Happy Hour.

Registration will open on September 15th for Sao Paulo and on September 22nd for Munich, Moscow and Prague. Tokyo’s registration is now closed.

In the meanwhile, please follow us on this blog and on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news on Google Developer Day and other development topics: @googledevjp (Japan), @googledevbr (Brazil) and @gddru (Russia).

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