Get your HTML5 game on

September 13, 2010

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This has been an exciting year for web developers, with all the new features being made possible by HTML5 and browsers getting faster by the day. One of the big surprises has been the rise of HTML5 gaming, with the open technology stack of HTML, CSS, and Javascript becoming a viable platform for games on the web. That’s why, next month, SPIL Games and Google will be running an HTML5 Game Jam event on both sides of the Atlantic, and you’re invited!

In the Netherlands, we’ll be hosting a sleepover event at the Hilversum headquarters of SPIL Games. SPIL recently converted their 47 mobile portals to work on mobile HTML5, and is running a $50,000 HTML5 games contest. Hilversum is a quick train journey from Amsterdam and the spacious premises are the perfect setting for hardcore games hacking, which means we’ll be coding HTML5 games all weekend. Participants will be able to sleep over on-site. In which case, please bring a sleeping bag, change of clothes, and don’t forget your toothbrush! We’ll also mail out a list of hotels in the Hilversum area for those who’d rather book a room instead (at your own cost).

Meanwhile, we’ll be running a parallel event at Google’s office in downtown San Francisco. We won’t quite be pulling an all-nighter like our friends in the Netherlands, but we will keep our doors open till midnight.

This will primarily be a hands-on hackathon in both locations, which runs from Saturday October 9th, 10am to Sunday October 10th, 6pm. We’ll kick off with short talks on the technology, followed by pitches from anyone with ideas on a great game. Then it will be hacking all day. We’ll pick up again on Sunday at 10am, and wrap up at 6pm with presentations and judging. There will also be chillout areas with games and diversions, and food and drinks to fuel your frenetic hacking.

The event is free of charge and places are limited. Sign Up here, and we’ll mail back with confirmations soon. We’re looking forward to see what games you can build using HTML5!