App Engine Developers - Best Buy's Giftag

February 02, 2009

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We're constantly impressed at the wide range of applications developers are building with Google developer products. One great example is Giftag, an online gift registry and social sharing application created by the Best Buy social media team. Giftag was first developed on a different platform and launched at DEMO 08. After learning about Google App Engine, the Giftag development team decided to move Giftag on to App Engine and re-launched the application just in time for Black Friday.

In this video they created, the Giftag team shares their thoughts on why they chose to migrate Giftag to App Engine, the APIs they used, what they would like to see from App Engine, and tips on how to get started with App Engine. "Because of the technology of Google App Engine, it's superb about allowing you to scale something that's really popular and not having any cost of doing that." - Curtis Thompson, Giftag Lead Developer

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