Announcing the Native Client Security Contest

February 25, 2009

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Exploits, bugs, vulnerabilities, security holes -- for most programmers these terms are synonymous with fire drills and coding all-nighters. However, for the next 10 weeks, the Native Client team is inviting you to bring them on! We're challenging you to find security exploits in Native Client. Sign up today for the Native Client Security Contest, you could win up to $ 213 , as well as recognition from renowned security researchers.

Before getting started, you must complete the registration process for yourself or your team. Then, you can grab the latest build of Native Client, attack it to find security holes, and submit the ones you discover. You get credit for bugs that your team reports first. If another contestant submits a vulnerability before you, or we publish a fix before you report it, well then... you'll have to keep looking!

At the end of the contest, all entries will be reviewed by a panel of academic experts, chaired by Edward Felten of Princeton University. They will select the five eligible entries with the most high-impact bugs, and these winners will receive cash prizes, as well as earn bragging rights. For more details, please review the contest's terms and conditions.

Registration is now open and the contest will run until May 5th. Sign up today to start reporting exploits as soon as possible.

Happy bug hunting!