A new era for Book Search begins with new APIs

September 22, 2008

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By Venu Vemula, Google Book Search Team

Since I joined Google, I've been working on Book Search, our project to help users discover what's inside all the world's books.

Today we are happy to include the developer community in this historic effort with the announcement of two new APIs:
  • An Embedded Viewer API, which allows you to embed book previews on your site and control them programmatically using JavaScript.
  • A robust Data API, which allows you to access full-text search results and access with users' book reviews, ratings, and individual My Library collections.
By allowing anyone to integrate with the complete Google Book Search index, we hope this broader community will find new ways to connect users with books that are interesting and relevant to them.

To learn more about the sites already using these APIs — including Books-A-Million, Worldcat, and GoodReads — check out our post on the Book Search Blog.

Or, if you want to dig right in, go straight to our newly revamped developer site.