Announcing Google I/O

March 10, 2008

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Its been about a year since I last blogged about a big Google developer event. During that time, we’ve seen a number of new technologies emerge which developers can use to build killer web applications. OpenSocial, Gears, and Android are a few that come to mind. But there is also a lot to learn if you really want to get the most out of these products.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Google I/O, a two day developer gathering on May 28th & 29th in San Francisco. The purpose of the event is to bring developers together to learn about products, tools, and techniques which are moving the web forward as a platform.

We've divided Google I/O into five topic areas: AJAX, APIs & Tools, Social, Geo, and Mobile. There's, of course, a focus on Google products, but the event won’t be limited to just Google APIs and developer tools. There is a lot of knowledge about web development in general at Google, and we’d like to share that expertise so that all applications on the web get better.

Over the two days, Google engineers and other leading software developers will share their knowledge in breakout sessions, hands-on Code Labs, and Q&A Fireside Chats.  Just a few of those speakers and what they'll be covering:

  • David Glazer, Director of Engineering - OpenSocial
  • Mark Lucovsky, Director of Engineering - AJAX APIs
  • Brad Fitzpatrick, Software Engineer - Social Graph API
  • Dion Almaer, Technical Program Manager and co-founder of - AJAX
  • John Panzer, Technical Manager - Shindig
  • Guido Van Rossum, Software Engineer and creator of Python - Python and Google APIs
  • Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager - Open Source
  • Bruce Johnson, co-creator of Google Web Toolkit - Google Web Toolkit

We're doing our best to make this a can't-miss event for web app developers. Visit the Google I/O website to learn more and register.  Space is limited, so be sure to make plans to attend now.

PS. If you are wondering whether we’re still having our global Google Developer Day series, the answer is a definite yes. We’ll be rolling out Developer Days to a number of countries outside the US. Look for an announcement of dates and locations soon.