An OpenSocial HappyHour party with Gears

January 10, 2008

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Chandra Patni is an engineer at IGN who saw a good way to develop using OpenSocial. Some hacking later, and he ended up with happyhour, an open source OpenSocial container powered by Google Gears.

Brad Neuberg and myself got together with Chandra to discuss the project.

In the conversation below you will hear about:
  • How happyhour increases developer productivity when building OpenSocial components
  • How designers have been able to work with his OpenSocial applications with happyhour
  • How happyhour differs from another open source container, Apache Shindig
  • His experience, and lessons learned using Gears
  • How he added support for ISO dates for Gears using SQLite

There is room for potential collaboration with Apache Shindig too. The projects can share the same data format, or happyhour could even hook into Apache Shindig in some way.

If you would like to make changes on the fly as you develop your OpenSocial applications, then give happyhour a look. Want to see a few more details about the code? Read more over at the Gears blog.