Google Developer Podcast Episode Eight: The world of Google data APIs

September 05, 2007

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Mark Stahl is a technical lead on the Google data APIs team. Many of the APIs that Google offers are part of the Google data API family, so we thought it would be prudent to get some time to chat with him, and discuss all things GData.

If you are new to GData, or want to learn more, listen to the podcast to hear:
  • What "Google data API" actually means (the parts and pieces)
  • What Atom, Atom Publishing Protocol, and other tech behind GData are all about
  • What GData adds to the mix on top of Atom and APP
  • How Atom compares to RSS
  • What are ETags? And how can they help me?
  • Why REST, the style, was chosen for these APIs
  • Where REST makes sense, and where it doesn't. Resource driven vs. RPC.
  • What the first GData APIs were
  • How the killer app of syncing data with Google Calendar
  • How you actually use the APIs? What do they need to learn? What tools do we give them?
  • Can you write APIs that implement the same GData APIs?
  • And much more.
You can download the episode directly, or subscribe to the show (click here for iTunes one-click subscribe).