Google Developer Podcast Episode Two: Pamela Fox on the Google Maps API

May 29, 2007

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We have published the second episode of the Google Developer Podcast, just in time to get you ready for Google Developer Day which kicks off this week.

This weeks episode discusses:

News for Google Developers

  • Check out the latest schedules and information about the event. Check the location!
  • JavaOne recap: thoughts about the show, and the Google booth
  • Discussing the new AJAX Feed controls
  • Our thoughts on Searchology and Universal Search
  • The new YouTube API blog was announced
  • Featured project: GWT Maven Support
  • Featured project: Hey, What's That?
Interview with Pamela Fox of the Google Maps team

We want to thank Pamela for taking the time to chat to us about Google Maps, and the Google Maps API.

What you will learn from Pamela:
  • Her role, and background
  • A little history on the Google Maps API
  • Information about mashups
  • How you can overlay map content such as MapWOW, Lord of the Rings, and your own
  • How to be hard code with custom tiles, to give you a full level of detail
  • How to use simple ground overlays
  • About the Google Moon API
  • How KML and Google Earth fit into Google Maps
  • The magic of GGeoXml()
  • What the Maps group is going to be doing for developer day
  • How to use the JavaScript API
  • How you can use Maps from within GWT, Rails, and other platforms
  • What's GMap2, and how does the API handle versioning
  • Enjoying the scroll-wheel zoom
  • How My Maps fits into Google Maps
  • How Google Maps helped launched the Ajax meme
  • Pamela's favorite recent Maps mashups (bones, crop circles, and more)
  • The sample code available in the gmaps-samples
  • Using the Google Spreadsheet Data API as a data store
  • Understanding the limitations on Google Maps API use
  • What are the hidden features in the Google Maps API that people tend not to use
  • Why you should GLog
  • What the common issues that new Maps API users come across
  • Best practices for developing Google Maps Mashups
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As always, please contact us to let us know if there is anything that you would like to see on the podcast.