MacFUSE: FUSE for Mac OS X

January 11, 2007

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Post by Amit Singh, Mac Engineering Manager

Today Google is releasing MacFUSE, an open-source Mac port of the FUSE mechanism for Linux. Like FUSE, it enables developers to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program. And since it aims to be API-compliant with the original FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) for Linux, it makes many existing FUSE file systems readily usable on Mac OS X. The core of MacFUSE consists of a dynamically loadable kernel extension.

This release of MacFUSE includes the following components:
  • Virtual file system (VFS) kernel extension
  • Special-purpose mount_fusefs program
  • Patch to the FUSE user-space library
  • Patch to the SSHFS file system
Developers, we want your help to make this project even more robust and useful. 

For more information on MacFUSE and how the project got started, please go to the project's Google Code page and also check out the Google Mac Blog