MySQL Camp at Google

November 22, 2006

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Post by Kynan Dent and Michael Still, community-loving SysAdmins

A few weekends ago Google hosted the first-ever MySQL Camp in Mountain View, and it was a huge success with over 200 registered participants and lots of un-registered folks showing up.

For those of you who missed out on the action, some of the main talks included:
  • MySQL Internals: with several presentations on the Core Kernel, creating new Pluggable Storage Engines (PSEs), and custom data types
  • Cluster, cluster and more cluster: cluster approaches, load balancing, cluster jam and MySQL Cluster Python and Java APIs
  • New storage engines: SolidDB, ScaleDB
  • Various community presentations and their announcements including:
  • MySQL Replibeeration - Hopefully to become a tradition, a talk about Beer Replication or was it Replication with Beer!
  • Insider information on Falcon, MyISAM++, a question and answer session with the MySQL CEO (Mårten Mickos).
  • Several talks by local Googlers on the google-mysql-tools and MySQL scalability.
  • An article entitled "Interactive Developer Zone Top Performance Tips" written interactively in real time by participants. The outcome of this talk will be posted to the MySQL Developer Zone soon.
The unconference format created an excellent opportunity for interactive participation in discussions, as well as a flexible schedule, so lots more went on than you see in the list above, more even than in the official schedule!

More details can be found at, and blog reviews about the camp should turn up on the MySQL Planet.

Big hugs to everyone from the MySQL community who joined us here at Google over the weekend, and thanks for running what turned out to be a great social and technical event! Google is proud to be associated with such a fantastic community.