New Google Gadget Challenge for Students!

September 27, 2006

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Per this post on the Google Blog, we're posing a challenge to college and university students in the United States - the Google Gadget Awards! Here are the details:
  • Both universal and desktop gadgets are accepted
  • Submissions are due November 1, 2006
  • Submitted gadgets will be testable while the contest is on
  • Winners will be announced in December
  • Awards categories include: Best overall gadgets (both universal and desktop), Most useful gadget, Most intelligent gadget, Gadget most likely to help you get a date, Most addictive gadget, Prettiest gadget, and Top university for gadget submission
  • The panel of judges includes: Chris Anderson, John Hennessy, Rob Malda, Randy Bryant, and Gina Pell
The Rules page has further details - time to get hacking!