Google Web Toolkit Update

August 11, 2006

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The Web Toolkit team just released a huge update, here are a few of its new/updated features:
  • Localization - Easily localize strings and formatted messages
  • XML - An XML library based on the W3C DOM
  • JSON - JSON is moving into gwt-user.jar, and it's much faster than 1.0.21
  • FileUpload widget - The much-requested file upload widget
  • FormPanel widget - Easily submit traditional HTML forms from GWT apps
  • JUnit enhancements - Unit tests are much, much faster than 1.0.21, and you can now test RPCs and timers
  • Automatic resource injection - Modules can contain references to external JavaScript and CSS files, causing them to be automatically loaded when the module itself is loaded
  • gwt-servlet.jar - Deploy this jar to add RPC to your servlet-based webapps without having to manually crack open gwt-user.jar to remove the servlet API classes
  • Javadoc-style API documentation
  • Better, automatic management of browser caching of the .nocache.html and .cache.html files for your module
The GWT Blog has further details, and you can download the update here.